The three most beautiful women in the world to me? My mother, and her shadow, and her image in the mirror. by Khalil Jibran  (via thelittlephilosopher)

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God, how I ricochet between certainties and doubts. by Sylvia Plath (via emotional-algebra)

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Anything, anything would be better than this agony of mind, this creeping pain that gnaws and fumbles and caresses one and never hurts quite enough. by Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit (via hellanne)

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I’m liberated and lost.
I feel. I shiver with fever. I’m I. by Fernando Pessoa  (via ig-narus)

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All this talking, this rather liquid confessing, was something I didn’t think I could ever bring myself to do. It seemed foolhardy to me, like an uncooked egg deciding to to come out of its shell: there would be a risk of spreading out too far, turning into a formless puddle. by Margaret Atwood  (via ig-narus)

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Ah yes, my life’s a compromise — all a compromise. by Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry (via violentwavesofemotion)

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